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Hot on the heels of high fashion with paper

When people refer to fashion as edgy, I don’t think they mean it quite so literally as artist Ndeur. But while what he does is certainly not for everyone, it’s a point of view that we can be inspired by. I mean, who doesn’t love a crazy, conceptual shoe? Well, maybe your podiatrist, but this pair is really constructed just for the concept, as an objet d’art. So you don’t actually have to wear it.

Looking Sharp 1
Looking Sharp 2

Maybe it’s due to environmental consciousness, or perhaps it’s a tactile reaction to the virtual intangibility of computer-based life, but fashion continues to have a fascination with origami and paper constructions (see our original post on origami clothing here). Ndeur takes it to a playful extreme with these conceptual models. Brightly colored like a child’s box of crayons, but sharply defined like some cartoon punk rocker, it’s the kind of aesthetic that is fun to contemplate because it’s so out there.

He also crafts a paper cuff that’s so punk rock (craft punk?) but because it’s paper, it’s all fun form without the anarchist connotations.

Looking Sharp 3
Looking Sharp 4
Looking Sharp 5

Ndeur’s spikey creations remind me of some of these rather unusual new gift bags we stock at Kate’s Paperie, which have similarly sharp edges based on triangles. And if you can’t get the shoes or the cuff, might as well accessorize with a clever bag, eh?

Looking Sharp 6

The ArteBene geometric gift bags are all triangles and bright colors much like Ndeur’s accessories, and they’re almost objets in and of themselves too. But in addition to their unusual looks, they’re practical little containers as well. You can find them at the gift wrap and packaging section at any Kate’s Paperie store, or order them online here.

For more of Ndeur’s work, visit his minimal website, ndeur.com.

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George G., Creative Director At Large, is a New York-based art director whose work spans everything from store display to interactive media. Also an accomplished artist, his illustrations have been published and exhibited in various galleries in New York. Being a self-professed design junkie, he is constantly on the lookout for what’s new and fresh in the worlds of art and design.

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